How to Post an Ad on Gold Coast Asian.

1. Join or Log-in to with your email, password, and complete the ReCapture.

2. Select '+ POST NEW AD' in the top right corner of the page.

3. Enter the Title and Description for your item. You can always come back and add or delete the content.

4. Choose a 'CATEGORY'. You may need to scroll down to see all the Categories.

5. Once you have selected the Category and sub-category, press 'SUBMIT'

6. Different Categories will have different fields. Be sure to complete the Sections regarding the Currency,  Price, Contact Details and Category Fields. If you can't proceed, scroll up to check you have completed all the sections required.

7. Click on the 'BROWSE' Button to be directed to your photos. On your computer, the Photo Folder/s will be selected and you can scroll through to find the photos, you want to use. On your mobile, you will be given the choice to access your Photo Folder or select the camera to take a photo to use.

8. Select the image/s you would like to use and press 'CHOOSE'. You can select multiple images at the same time, to add them all at once.

9. Select 'PREVIEW' to check your ad.

10. Select either 'REVISE' to change your ad, or 'FINISH' to be taken to the 'PACKAGES' page, where you can select your payment package.

11. Business and Commercial Listings are PAID. All others are FREE.

12. Select 'REVISE' to make changes, or 'FINISH' to have your ad created.

13. Admin will either approve your ad or suggest changes before it will be published.