What is NOT allowed?

What is not allowed on GCA?

Basically, anything that is illegal to sell or promote anywhere in Australia, and/or within the State in which you reside.

You must be over the age of 18 to buy or sell anything on or through Gold Coast Asian.

Here is a list in alphabetical order for your assistance.
Animal Parts (Ivory, rhino horn etc) or hunting trophies
Anything that infringes Copyright
Body Parts/ Fluids/Blood
Embargoed Products
Endangered or protected species, or parts thereof.
Fireworks and/or Explosives
Firearms, guns, paintball guns, BB and pellet guns, firearm accessories and ammunition.
Hazardous Materials
Identity Documents, ID’s etc
Illegal Drugs, Controlled Substances and items used to manufacture controlled substances and drugs.
Illegal telecommunication and electronics equipment
Mailing lists and personal information lists, software designed to send SPAM.
Plants and insects that are restricted or regulated
Prescription drugs
Prohibited Goods
Recalled items and products, or products that fail to meet mandatory safety standards.
Stolen Property
Tobacco products and e-cigarettes
Tasers, stun-guns, switchblade knives.