Why choose Gold Coast Asian


1. Gold Coast owned and operated. Yes - we are local.

2. Our aim is to assist Asian visitors and locals seeking Asian goods and services to find YOUR Business.

3. No Adwords, Google Ads or other pop-up ads. If you are paying to advertise your business, we won't allow other businesses to be promoted next to yours. We believe in Ethics and Integrity.

4. We want to work with your business and your suppliers to generate more customers and sales. More customers for you means more business for your suppliers, which results in a better relationship with GCA. We believe Business should be a Win-Win-Win-WIn for your customers, your business, your suppliers and of course GCA.

5. GCA is NOT going to simply list every business on the Gold Coast. ONLY paid 'Stores' will be listed. This will keep the directory current. We have all experienced listing sites where search results are incomplete, incorrect or simply don't exist. Those sites were created only to be monetised and then sold to an unsuspecting purchaser with dreams of an easy life and riches using the Internet. The only people to make money were those who created the site to 'on-sell'.

6. Each Business is listed as a 'Store' to help differentiate their products and services them from general 'For Sale' category.